22 to NONE!


Their mission had ended, their battle still roared


For Brothers and Sisters

who couldn't make it thru


Their Mission had ended

but their battle still roared


A life filled with turmoil

they wanted no more


NO K.I.A. Reported

No purple heart to hold


Just add it to a number

That's easy to ignore


Adopt a Soldier will remember

Just what that number's for


Fighting for solutions

to 22 no more

memorial 2.jpg

Teal Star Families, The Nagel Family, The Drogos Family & The Boyer Family

 Adopt a Soldier Introduces The  First Of Our 

Teal Star Family

The Boyers

What is a Teal Star Family?

  • The United States has categorized military families into two groups, the Blue Star  Family, which represents those whose family member is serving our Country. A blue star banner is hung proudly for all to see.

  • The Gold Star is presented to the families of those service members Killed in Action. This is the star that NO family wants. The ultimate sacrifice, a wound that never heals. These Families are honored and supported by our Country, in many ways. They are publicly honored, recognized their loss but their service to our country. 


What about the families whose military member is a

causality of PTSD? 

   CASUALTY - A person killed or injured in a war or accident:

                           a person or thing badly affected by an event or  situation 

 Adopt a Soldier considers our heroes who have lost their battle with PTSD, and taken their own life, a casualty of PTSD. 


Join Adopt a Soldier on our mission eliminate the loss of our soldiers and veterans to PTSD.

Stand with AAS as we fight recognize our  



2020 Teal Star Run

Ruck March 2019


2020 Teal Star Run