Christmas for our Veterans


Taking care of our veterans is not charity, it's our duty as AMERICANS.
This Holiday season 
Please consider sacrificing a little so
We at Adopt a Soldier 
can reach many of our 
Veterans and their families in need.

Care Packages
Veterans Christmas

Adopt a Soldier mails out care packages not only to our deployed soldiers but those stationed stateside too! We feel it's important for each military member to know, we realize the importance of their job, whether protecting us on US soil, abroad, or in a war zone. The average soldier pay starts around $19,500- $20,000 a year. Most Americans are under the assumption that everything is provided for our heroes, this is assumption is false! That's why we at AAS feel care packages help to embrace our troops with some of the staples not provided and show just how much we as Americans support them.

Your support is needed to help fill the boxes and cover the cost of postage. The average cost is $25 for each care package sent.

Please sponsor a care package today!

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Adopt a Soldier reaches out to Homeless Veterans in need all year because we aren't that once-a-year and gone organization. With that being said we like to go above and beyond at Christmas time. We visit and take the time to get to know many Veterans and their families this time of year. We ask them what their hobbies are, their needs, and their wants. 

Can you imagine asking for socks and toilet paper for Christmas?!

Help us make them feel even more special by sponsoring or contacting us to buy something for them.