Our Mission





The foundation of Americas Military is their family. When a young man or woman embark on their military journey, the family unit is forever transformed.

A Military families world is often turned upside down.  In a short 13 weeklong period, with little to no contact, their child is transformed into a U.S. Solider, Marine, Airman, or Seamen. Basic Training / Bootcamp delivers the necessary adjustments, physically and psychologically, for these new military members.   Unfortunately, the family is often left unequipped, to continue to be the rock upon which the soldier stands. As parents and family members serving on the home front, the journey often leaves us feeling isolated, in unchartered territory, with no training for the different scenarios that run rampant in their minds.

  Our duty to these families serving at home has become a priority. Founded by a military mom, Adopt a Soldiers team of “veteran” families, with immense experience as a military family, offers education and support in this new world. Many needs have arisen over the years, from what can we send to basic training to how do we get our service member home in an emergency.  AAS strives to serve these families in any way we can. Our Support includes:

  • Coining Ceremony

  • Homecomings

  • Connecting Families with Families

  • Emergency readiness services

  • Various support groups

  • Financial aid


The U.S. military deserves our respect and support. The average civilian is unaware of the needs that arise during service to our great Nation. The average new military member receives less then minimum wage for serving, and many necessities are not provided. This is where our support begins, often before they leave for training.

  Adopt a Soldier supports our troops in every way possible, enabling them to focus on their mission at hand, protecting and serving the United States of America. Our assistance is ever changing to accommodate our heroes. 2020 has brought new challenges to our military. Adopt a Soldier offers a wide variety missions including the following:

  • Care Packages

  • Cards

  • Emergency aid, including but not limited to: 


Contact and aid with Red Cross and Soldiers Family in time of need

  • Financial Loan/grant

  • Support of Military family during their absence.


 We, as a family, have given aid to our Soldiers in circumstances we never thought would be necessary. AAS is always dedicated to supporting the heroes that give so much to us!


History has shown that the aftereffects of serving our country often leaves our Veterans in disarray. Decades of casting them aside has increased unemployment, homelessness and suicide amongst our heroes. Therefore, our missions have become more defined.

The struggling V.A. system today commands American’s attention!  Adopt a Soldier has attained valuable knowledge while undertaking our missions of support. Our Troops, Veterans and the Military Families, are stability of America’s Freedom. Each entity depends on the other to stand strong.

Adopt a Soldier creates an environment in which these three groups form a circle of support before, during and beyond military service. American Veterans of the past are the key to success for our young Veterans re-entering civilian life. Adopt a Soldier enables our military families the opportunity to connect with our veterans, while assisting with the issues they face. These experiences offer insight to the possible obstacles our families and their military member may face at some point along the way. Education is the best tactic to prepare for situations in the future! Working with our veterans also enables the families to create a network of support for their veteran in the future.

Our support includes:

  • Support for Homeless Veterans

  • Personal support 

  • Financial assistance in the form of a loan/grant

  • Transportation 

  • PTSD support

  • Employment